Welcome to the UE Community!

Why should we choose who comes when you could?

The UE Community is our way of ensuring that our students have a say in our admissions process.

It's also your way of seeing who you might be spending your spring semester with!

We’re working to create the best possible community that’s filled with a diverse range of charismatic and social people this spring. Instead of selecting the class by ourselves, we’ll be allowing people to vote on who they’d like to see on campus. Basically, we're giving students some choice in the community they’d like to build!

Take a look through our student profiles and let us know who you'd like to see on campus by liking them. We'll be using your feedback to construct the perfect class.

If you're accepted to the program, the students you like will be given priority acceptance!

For more information about The U Experience and our Spring 2021 Program, check out our website here!

Community Guidelines

We are currently verifying users on a rolling basis, but if you made a profile and haven't received your login credentials, it is possible we could not verify your current enrollment via email. If you believe this is a mistake, please reach out so we can fix it!

More exciting features and updates coming soon!

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